As you already know, beauty is one of the most debated topics of the whole world. And if we’re talking about “beauty” or “attractive”, we should mention Yvette Cat. Born on April 27, Yvette Cat is a cam model since 2014. But more about her and what makes her special, we’ll find out from the interview below.
What’s the difference between “beautiful”, “gorgeous” and “attractive”?
Difference? I don’t know exactly if there are differences over there, but I’m pretty sure that a beautiful woman is the one who has a distinctive personality. A beautiful woman can also be gorgeous and attractive at the same time. It’s not all about the clothes, the hair or the make-up. Of course, it counts a lot, but… I think it’s all about that woman who can inexplicably make you feel awesome just by being around her, no matter that she wears no make-up.
There is nothing more beautiful and attractive than a woman with passion, am I right? Maybe that’s the reason I won that awesome prize for “Most Attractive Girl”, lol. I truly believe that passion is contagious! I remember like it was yesterday that, in my first two weeks as a cam model, a member came in my room every day and told me something like this ”Yvette, you are that someone that catches your breath and even your heart. You are attractive and beautiful at the same fucking time”. Those words remained inside my mind and now…
You are the winner of the “Most Attractive Girl” award. How does it feel to be there? Butterflies in your stomach, cold or clammy hands…?
yvette-cat-2Nooo, please, no this question… To be honest, but please don’t make fun of me!!!!!, I was at the toilet when I’ve heard “YVETTE CAAAAAT”. I told you not to laugh! I’ve heard my name twice “Yvette Cat, Yvette Cat” at the microphone… and it seems like it lasts 1 month til I arrived on the stage… Anyway, I had a huge fear of speaking in public, so anytime I had to say something in front of more than 3 people, my stomach goes crazy, my throat would get sooooo tight, I wouldn’t be able even to speak. I can only remember that I asked our PR of Charm Group “If I win, what should I say on the stage?”, but she told me “C’mon, Yvette, just be you, naturally and nice like always and it will be fine!”. So, that’s all…
We would like to congratulate once again Yvette Cat for this awesome prize and to thank her for the interview. Hope to see you next year on the stage, Yvette Cat!