You know how people always wonder about celebrities and what they did before becoming a celebrity? It’s the same thing with cam models.
Some of us can’t see beyond the cam aspect and choose not to see the person behind the cam but that’s why we’ve decided to ask a few models what their lives were before being on cam.
ethanjEthan Joy is one of the best male models from Studio 20:  “I’ve always been attracted to a healthy life style so I was a  personal trainer. Because I had some time to spent, I’ve decided to get a second job. Working in the gym you interact with a lot of people and you get all sort of information. Many have told me that I should consider becoming a cam model. I wasn’t very sure at the beginning but then I gave it a second thought and I’ve decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose? So now I think I’m one of the first male models from Studio 20, a thing that makes me really happy and proud.
It’s really much more work than I ever thought it could be.
Right now I’m nominated as Best Male Cam Model at the AW Awards and it’s mind blowing for me.”
Milo: ‘I went through so many jobs until I found my true self. I was born to be a cam model. I like the attention, the thrill of the camera, I like the interaction with the members. I don’t like to be in the shadows, I’m a born entertainer. Once I login I get a shivered down my spine and everything changes. The cam is my stage. I think I’ve always been a little diva and that really helps me in my chosen work field although the trainers want to kill me every day LOL. I admit I can be a drama queen when I don’t get my way and they have to put up with me because I would never let my members see me upset.”
unnamedJessy Cooper: “ I just finished high school a few moths ago so this is basically my first job. The way I began working in the industry though is really is actually a pretty funny story; My boyfriend is a performer and at the time, he used to work from home. One evening I was with him in his room and he asked me as a joke if I wanted to blow him in front of the camera for one of his members. I laughed and said yes immediately. I started “performing” and as I went on, the guy got really psyched about it, giving lots of positive feedback. This really made me get all my freak on and before it was all over, I had managed to put on a real juicy show. Both my boyfriend and his member were very happy with my performance, but not as happy as I was. It turned out that I had a real thing for voyeurism and working as a cam girl really allowed me to express this side properly. And, of course, not having to break this news to my boyfriend made it a lot more easier so, here I am.”
selena-martinezSelena Martinez: “I used to work in journalism but due to low article payments I decided to try webcamming. I can’t say I miss working in journalism, I had to dig up dirt on people and I really didn’t want to do so. Plus, if you ever see me on cam, you can guess I’m not your typical gal, I’m really flashy and colorful so I don’t really blend in. I actually did a scoop on a cam girl and when I heard how much many she makes and how her life is compared to mine I resigned the next day.”
AriaHayes: “I used to be a brand manager for a big international corporation. Yeah, I know how it sounds. I had the blue collar job. All things payed. Everything was preppy and safe: I had the good job, the good salary, the responsible life, I used to go on vacation in Greece and Spain. I just had to get married and have a kid and my life was on point.
That was sooooooo boring I was one cat away from a mental breakdown. I had to do something for myself, to make ME feel special and happy. So I went for something I could’ve never thought I could do. Like never ever. And I became a cam model. And guess what? I found out I’m one sexy hot mamacita and now I only wear my pants suit when I’m doing a role play”