Having a good social media presence is very important for cam performers, as it brings so many benefits. Hence, we created a list of tips for using Snapchat to its fullest, since this app is still a very important social media network.
Get in the mindset  
Snapchat’s ephemeral and dynamic style has always been its biggest draw. In a funny way of saying, the main core of Snapchat is to make awkward/funny selfies, and to share them. You can have a good time and delight your friends/fans by making a lipsync to Nicki Minaj song and sharing it. The good part is that this content will not remain in your archive forever, and that’s the kind of policy Snapchat remained consistent with! It`s all about reaching a certain degree of instant satisfaction, for yourself and your online community.
Always pay attention to new features
Since it is a very dynamic app, and an important number of people use it on daily basis, new features may be released all the time. Tap the gear icon from the top right corner of your feed that pictures the settings box, go to the additional service and click on manage. By doing this process, you can enable bonus features such as front-facing flash, special texts, and filters.
Take snaps and make captions
Snaps are crucial, and this app gives you so many features to improve them. If you are a beginner in Snapchat, remember that “face lenses” are your friends. Using captions for every photo taken is always a great idea, however, you can break the standards by using larger texts and emoji. You can do this by tapping the letter “T”, on the upper right corner of the snap draft, and voila the characters you typed are magnified.
Make use of filters
Filters can express more than you can imagine. They are often confused with lenses, but by using filters you can add 2D images and animations. Moreover, you can use filters to display temperature, speed, current time, location or other temporary relevant information. Also, you can even add multiple filters at the same time, which is really awesome!
Play with stickers
You can customize your images or videos by adding stickers, which can have the shape of an emoji or a text. It’s a very simple process, which can have a great impact on your content. Besides, by tapping the scissor tool, you can create your own original stickers. For example, you can cut a piece from an old photo, save it as a sticker and use it on a new picture.
Create your own Geofilters
Geofilters are special overlays that reveal the “where and when” of a Snap in a very fun way. They can be used every time you travel to a specific place, or every time you a attend a really cool event such as a major conference, for instance.
Refine the previous content
Thanks to some nice features you can edit memories and turn them into art. For example, you can edit a picture and turn it into a Van Gogh-like painted one, by simply pressing the paintbrush button!  That’s another easy process which can put your content in the spotlight.
To sum up, snapchat is one of the most trending social media apps and it will still enjoy a large number of fans since it gives people the chance to play, customize and share their content with so much ease. Thus it’s highly indicated to start to keep a close eye on this platform and to use it in your daily camming activity.