Have you ever encountered problems when using Google Maps? Of course you have, it happens to all of us sometimes. Starting now you can forget about all these.
A new feature in Google Maps that uses augmented reality will help you every time. How it will be used? The maps will “come to life” and with the help of your mobile phone you will be able to see both the classic map and a real-time image with the area you are in, all for a better orientation.
The system was first introduced to the Google I/ O conference last year and has already been successfully tested with the help of some lucky users.
Currently, if the signal is weak, then Google fails to get your position right. This will be solved thanks to the augmented reality, a technology which is already used for Pokemon Go or Snapchat applications.
These are the steps to use the new feature – you turn on Google Maps, you press “Start AR” and your screen will split up. You’ll have both the classical route and also the Google Street View so you can easily get to your destination. If you’ll then drop the phone to an horizontal position, parallel to the ground, Google Maps will go back to the 2D map view. To go back to the AR mode you just have to hold up the phone vertically like you are taking a photo with what you have in front of you.
Google Maps don’t encourage its users to spend a long time on the AR mode. Actually, if you hold up the camera for too long, the app will turn off. That’s why you have to be very quick when using it.
On the other hand, you can stay here for as long as you want…