You thought you knew everything about orgasm? Well, in fact, you don’t. And not just because the orgasm is a very complex thing, but also because it can be achieved in many ways and obviously in several areas of your body. There’s the penetration orgasm, then you can also get to climax by having oral sex, hand jobs or anal sex. Then we can talk about culinary orgasms or intellectual ones. Specialists have now come up with a new type of orgasm, which brings exceptional sensations, they say.
Maybe you haven’t heard about nipple orgasm yet, but it does exist, you know?! Nipples are wellsprings when it comes to bodily pleasures. Thus, between normal, anal and oral sex, the classical pathways to orgasm, we discover that one can get to climax just using the nipples.
Dr. Janet Brito, Ph.D., a sexologist and clinical psychologist in Honolulu, defines nipple orgasms as “a pleasurable release of sexual arousal, centered on nipple stimulation and not caused by stimulating the clitoris [or penis] directly”. Exciting, isn’t it? But the problem is that many people don’t know to get the orgasm just by stimulating the nipples.
Specialists recommend a lot of practice and say that there isn’t only one way to get to feel that the highest pleasure. Each body reacts differently and needs a different stimulation. In order to get to orgasm, it’s important not to have this as your goal. It may seem paradoxical, but this is how things are. You have to enjoy the moment, relax, continue to do exactly what your body enjoys the most, and the climax will come.
Dr. Janet Brito suggests “experimenting with a variety of touch.” You can start with a moderate nipple touch using your fingers, or you can try massaging the entire breast, then move on to pinching, twisting, squeezing. Next, you can progress to pulling the nipple, before focusing directly on the nipple. Slowly build anticipation, then apply more direct pleasure to the nipple, and let yourself be overcome with pleasure,” says Brito.
If the touch of with your fingers, or your partner’s tongue or teeth aren’t enough to give you a nipple-orgasm, then, maybe, you should try some sex toys – some nipple-suckers or nipple-clamps will add more pressure on your nipples and you will feel more pleasure when you release them.
“A nipple orgasm, like a clitoral orgasm, requires patience and curiosity. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try various approaches to discover what feels good,” says Brito.