The most beautiful sex encounters are those where you both touch the highest mountain, aren’t they? If, in addition, it happens to get to orgasm at the same time, things are spectacular. Nobody says it’s easy, all the opposite. Only in the movies, everything seems to be a piece of cake 🙂
If you want things to happen this way, but you can’t get there even though you yearn for it, we thought to help you with a list made by, with the best positions you can try for simultaneous orgasm.
The first one is „the P in the V” – a quite classical position, in which the women lay down on her back with her legs in V position and the men are on top. The in and out movements have to be slow and focused on the pubic bone. The eye contact is essential and if you want some extra pleasure you can use a cock ring.
The woman on top is another great position that can lead you to a dual orgasm. „You should pull out so only the tip of his penis is in you, and make shallow movements”, Dr. Ian Kerner said to Cosmopolitan.
You can get to a pretty easy simultaneous orgasm in the shower. Just imagine – you and your partner standing back to back in the shower while masturbating and using the nastiest words…You go straight to the point!
The 69 position is classical, but you have a 100 percent chance of success. This is what Dr. Laura Berman told Everyday Health – “Positions in 69 not only hold an incredible promise for intimacy, but these oral sex positions also allow partners to both give and receive pleasure and time your pace”
In Doggy Style you need some practice to succeed, but you’ll get there, don’t worry! Remember to always use lubrication, tons of it, especially if you’re trying to have a dual orgasm.