Time. Kids. Work. These are just excuses when it comes to not having an active and a healthy sex life. We all know how important sex is for your relationship and even for your health. So if you need to improve your sex life or just add a little spice in it, you could follow some simple steps.
You can start by having some good words or compliments for your lover. It’s hard to think that he/she didn’t do anything good today. Tell that to your partner; make him feel appreciated, loved and important (you can do that every day, not just one time and then stop). You can also say something nice about how he/she looks like, because it’s important for a person to feel beautiful.
Another important thing is the sex prelude. Try to find the right time so you won’t be in a hurry, try to take your time and not rush into things, because as you know, it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. By not having in mind to het to orgasm, but to enjoy the time with your partner, you’ll increase the pleasure.  You can even start with a massage to postpone things a little, but just in order to have a more sensual experience. None of you should avoid the hot areas while massaging. 🙂
Escape the ordinary. Take a couple of days just for you too and change the space a little. Go in a short holiday. This might spice things up. Once you get there you can do you even more – you can try some new positions, this way you will get to know better your partner’s body. And if you don’t have the time to go away for two days or so, you can just try the new staff at home. It’s still something new for both of you…
To increase the pleasure you can also masturbate together. The degree of excitement is always amplified when you watch your partner feeling so good, right?
What music do you listen to while having sex? Or…do you listen to music? It’s a perfect way to a better relaxation for your muscles and your nerves.  Tip: You can search on YouTube for “best sex music”. It will be fun 🙂