Icon Brands and The Nines, the brand behind the popular “F*ck Me/F*ck You Mask,” has expanded its First Glass collection with the addition of four new pieces: G-Ring, Droplet, Kitty and Teddy Love. G-Ring features a loop-handle, while the Droplet features a slimline profile.
First Glass is part of Icon’s Nines Collection, which the company describes as “where price point is paramount. ”
“The first two pieces in this junior glass line were an immediate hit, and stores have been asking for more designs ever since, so we brought the original two to six, and now it’s a collection within a collection”, says Icon Sales Manager Sara Hentcy.
The “oldest” two pieces of this collection are First Glass Indigo Anal Plug (made of borosilicate glass, sized for intro anal play, wearable, hypoallergenic and body-safe) and First Glass Clear G Massager (a G-spot stimulator in crystal-clear borosilicate glass, designed for internal and external stimulation as well, also hypoallergenic and body safe).
Borosilicate glass has very low coefficients of thermal expansion, it’s very resistant to thermal shock and shows an extremely high chemical resistance in corrosive environments. Borosilicate glass is created by combining and melting boric oxide, silica sand, soda ash, and alumina. Since borosilicate glass melts at a higher temperature than ordinary silicate glass, some new techniques are applied for industrial production. Borosilicate glass is less dense than typical soda-lime glass due to the low atomic mass of boron.
The four new pieces are for sale now along with the first two, “so stores can make a truly first-class “First Glass” statement on a wall,” Hentcy said.
“I truly believe the team added even more whimsy, beauty and function to the line, without adding a dime to the cost; I’m very pleased with the results”, says Sara Hentcy.