Every single day can bring new challenges, and they may prove to be obstacles that hamper your productivity. Therefore, one question which certainly arises is how do you motivate yourself to get online when you confront with the unpredictable? Everybody knows that a negative attitude can be very damaging for your business, hence we created a pattern to help you handle bad days by establishing a working routine.
The famous latin quote “mens sana in corpore sano” that basically means “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, applies to you as well.Thus, only getting dressed, switching on your lights and simply logging on the site won’t do the trick as you may think. On the contrary, you should always compare yourself with an athlete who’s looking for a new personal record. On the same train of thoughts, you should pay attention to your body tonus, to your health, and to your entire well-being.
Try to organize your schedule in a realist manner so you can easily stick with it, but don’t forget to add to it some sort of activities which really make you feel well or relax you. Always remember that this sort of routines such as taking a bubble bath or wearing your favorite outfits or even practicing yoga and meditation will make you reconnect with yourself. It just a matter of taste what you enjoy most, but in the end, it has to be fun and recreative!
Regularity and reward represent two key elements in developing a good habit. Teaching your brain to connect the regularity between routines and rewards, helps you improve yourself. In at the same time try to observe what keeps you motivated, and obviously what doesn’t.
Falling into the trap of telling you`ll work until exhaustion, causes you troubles to motivate yourself or to persuade your goals. The purpose of your actions has to be clearly defined and realistic before you get started; even if it`s about how many hours you plan to stay online or about the amount of money you want to earn etc. Setting a target and reaching it, makes your job look more goal-oriented, instead of one which is contingent on your mood. As a consequence, working until you get bored, will get you dominated by the feeling that is your job`s fault. Whereas, working until you have reached your goals, creates a specific satisfaction that can be seen as a great achievement.
Don’t let anything stay between you and your goals! Instead, you should start by making a promise to yourself of not letting anyone spoil your mojo. Every time you feel like certain situation degenerates you should take some attitude against it and move on.
Successful performers have trained themselves over time to resist on certain situations by acting like they enjoy their job, even if it wasn’t true. That’s why, among successful people, there is a motto that states “fake it until you make it”. Saying that a certain request is your favorite thing, even if it`s not, can trick your brain and convince your audience that you are enjoying the time spent online, creating thus a better lust and environment.
In general, this doesn’t apply only in camming, but in daily life as well. When you continue with something that isn’t happening the way you expected, it will demolish your mood and hauls the ambition along with it. There will always be bad days and good days, especially in the camming industry, but if you want to succeed you have to stay positive, to move over bad experiences and to trust yourself.