It often happens to find yourself in trouble when you’re looking for the ideal partner. For example, he/she is good looking, but he/she is not into something serious. Your partner loves you, but sex is not so good or, on the contrary, you have great sex sessions, but feelings have gone completely behind. We know, you like to think that you are unlucky and life is unfair to you. In fact, you haven’t found the right partner yet, because you haven’t searched where you should have 🙂
The “Saucy Dates” made a study and based on it a top of the countries where you can find the best lovers. That means people who are willing for true love, but also for top sex. The hottest men on the planet are in Australia, South Africa and the US, while the best female lovers are in Canada, France, Italy and the US.
Do you want to know who to avoid if you really want to be loved? Well, at the opposite pole of love, we find the men in New Zealand. They seem to be cold, insensitive and you rarely can convince them that love is a beautiful feeling. When it comes to distant women, then you should avoid the ladies coming from Australia, New Zealand and Spain. Of course, these are all generalities.
For an easier way to find the ideal partner, we also have some recommendations, just to make sure you find the relationship where love is in the air and sex will be top.  The most beautiful pair in the world comes from the US – the American man and the American woman make a great pair. Their love stories are like those in Hollywood movies and their love is hotter than in any soap opera.
Men from Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy and Spain will always be compatible with women from Germany, India, South Africa and the UK. Now, since you have the picture of the beautiful things, we must also warn you about the countries that aren’t a good match when we speak about love.  If you choose a man from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, France or Italy, then the woman must not come from Spain or Australia because things might go all wrong.
Of course, there are exceptions among all these charts, and specialists recommend that in order to get to real love and to unforgettable moments in the bedroom, you should grow a relationship with care, regardless the nationality or the country.