The studios have always been present in Live Cams platforms, but we have seen a big change in the industry over the last couple of years. How has it been affecting the whole scene? How can one stay in the business working as an independent webcam model? Is it still possible? Yes, it is. How? Read this article and you will find out!

Before we start this discussion, let me clarify that this article is not an attempt to promote the work of independent models over studio models, but rather an effort to show the general trend of the current Live Cam Industry system, models still have a choice.

People in the industry usually think that behind every strong woman, there is always somebody else, but sometimes the person behind a strong woman is herself.  Personally, I began my career in this industry as a model, with the application of my own methodology of work titled “Building Connections” (rather than follow the flow and tease for free). This approach was based on what I have been studying about the structure of online/offline relationships on cyberspace during the last decade.

In this article, I would like to share with active models what I have learned during my experience online, in an attempt to let you know that if I did it alone, you can too! The main thing in this career is to believe in yourself and work hard, along with discipline, focus and specific career knowledge (part of this you can learn from this magazine’s articles).

 It’s still possible to guarantee your independence, work from home, and don’t have to share your earnings; if you take it as a career, not as a “job for the moment”. First, let’s understand why studios are so successful now and why it could also be interesting for models to work for one of them:

  • Training

Studios are currently authentic companies specializing in the art of choosing and training models, making sure they all have a certain “quality standard” before they start camming. The time has come to change the landscape of the Live Cam Industry. It’s getting harder for independent models to keep up with the business, competing with their capacity of investment, especially in technology.

  • Visibility

There are many platforms in the Industry, which have given much more visibility to studio’s models than to independent models, but fortunately not for all of them. I can guarantee there are still websites and events, which still value the hard work of the independent ones.

  • Protection

When a model is working for a studio, she has someone behind her to promote, to protect, to guide, and even to teach her how to work. This support makes a difference (in a practical and emotional sense).

However, all of these have a value, a facility and, also, a price to pay, which is the autonomy of growing up in the career and having a voice in the Live Cam Industry. When you have someone to do everything for you and even to say what you “must do”. It is discouraging to take initiatives and be creative, because the chances of growth, freedom and autonomy are also limited. That’s will explain why I still see many independent stars as members’ favorites: even if the studio models have the best camera quality, makeup and outfits. The independent models usually offer much more spontaneous shows, with a very different dynamic, ready for improvisation, and, in the end, that is what keeps a member in the room. In other words, what you say is still much more important than what you look like!

In the meantime, let me remind my readers that my job here is not to promote any decision (to work as an independent model or as a studio model) because it depends on models’ goals, perspective and lifestyle, but to answer the question, “how to keep independent with the growth of studios?“. So, what an independent model needs to keep being successful is to accept the unquestionable fact that she should start doing everything a studio does for their models. In practice, an independent model needs to learn:

  • How to take care of her career, her biggest investment: Keep in mind the higher the investment, the more successful she could be. Studying hard is also part of this investment. So, I insist they have a good repertoire of dirty talk, fetishes and fantasies. Remember camming is not only about taking clothes off!

•    How to deal with guests in the room: If a model feels they are too rude and impolite to her, I have some tips here:

  • How to manage social media and attract her own traffic: I have been talking more about it here and I believe this article addresses these aspects:

  • How to interact and to be part of the Live Cam Industry: If it’s possible, it is interesting to go to Summits, attending seminars as a panel speaker and/or a listener, expanding networks, having their voice heard.

At this point of the discussion, I would also like to humbly suggest a small list about the “do’s” and “dont’s” of cam modeling, from personal to professional habits, in order to help independent models to keep in the business reaching higher earnings and more quality of life:


  • Invest in yourself. It’s a SAFE investment!
  • Listen to the experts. But make your own choices.
  • Set your goals and fight for them.
  • It’s your road, and you are alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk for you.
  • Believe in yourself, if you love it, you can do it! Just go for it!


  • DON’T gossip around. Nobody trusts and wants to work with a professional who says everything about everyone.
  • DON’T practice bullying. Work out your self-steam.
  • DON’T go beyond your limits, in any aspect. Camming is an exercise of freedom.
  • DON’T let anybody treat you as an object. You are a person online and offline.

In conclusion, if you decide to start working for yourself or, to keep in the business without considering joining a studio. You will have to be very disciplined and work very hard as a model and as your own producer. This is not the easiest way, but could really be worth it for those who live by a choice, not by a chance. Don’t give up!

Thus, according to my empirical experience in this business, what members are looking for in a model sometimes is not the same as what the industry thinks is more interesting and requires from their models. Today, the industry wants glamorous models in structured rooms, but there are a lot of members who are just looking for connections with people who are comfortable doing what they do. That’s why I truly believe all independent models still have the chance to become a star in the business if they are willing to pay attention to their members. Viewing them as an individual instead of a random standard guest.