In order to embrace the true definition of progress, every industry should be characterized by the presence of competition, which statistically speaking is one of the most motivating factors to assure continuous development.  
The already famous world of cam industry has created the most profitable environment which enabled many entrepreneurs to easily roll millions of dollars over the years in a very quick way, hence many more people decided either to invest in new platforms or to become live entertainers (performers). As a natural consequence, currently, the number of models has tremendously grown worldwide and determined many people to believe that this market is totally saturated. Consequently, they also think that the prospect of earning great money is absolutely lacking. However, we’d like to combat this belief and to give you tips on how to deal with your competition during the next paragraphs.
As the number of cam models is already high, you should always try to prove that you are truly different and special comparing to other performers, thus when you decide to start camming you should place a major focus on respecting a very small set of details, which may seem petty details at first glance, but which will totally make a difference, such as being always jolly, always smiley, or sending people a positive vibe.
In a perfect society we would only witness perfect and loyal competition techniques, however, since our world is far from being perfect, in camming just like in the most industries there are few people who didn’t properly understand the definition of competition and applied terrible and unloyal practices.
As we mentioned before, it may sound odd, but due to stress or maybe due to large competition, many models show a terrible attitude on cam which will word the customers off and it will give you a competitive advantage without too many efforts. Consequently, you will have the chance to hear many members complaining by the poor services which were offered by some cam girls. Instead of gossiping about them, you should prove a certain degree of professionalism and aim to increase their satisfaction by showing them a different approach or a better show quality.
Obviously, in some very extreme cases, a very small number of performers who are blinded by rage or jealousy may come to your chat-room, showing off their terrible attitude. Assuming that a such case will ever occur, you should never jump to starting a fight with them. You should always remember that such actions are totally unproductive and a waste of time as well, on contrary it would be highly indicated to keep calm and to focus on your customers. If you treat your customers properly and offer them high-quality services, they will never listen to other performer’s gossip. If you ever encounter a such situation, you should always remember that you are a lady, and deal with them with maturity.
Always avoid playing dirty as you won’t enjoy any real prospect of earnings, but instead, you will waste precious time that can be used for individual research or for posting your statuses on social media, and also will violate the common sense rules of being part of a community. From an ideal perspective, you should find ways to become friends with many other performers and to collaborate with them to mutuality increase your earnings. Moreover, you should always remember that most of the cam sites offer the possibility to prohibit some performers from visiting your chat room, similar to the way they ban specific members. It is a good option to avoid public conflicts in the first instance and it`s better to use this practice because you can never imagine who might assist this kind of scene.  
There are plenty of easy tricks to help overcome the effects of competition, which most of the time have the shape of the intrinsic factors. For instance, change your mindset and start to acknowledge that the competition is a living proof of a well-done job. You should always keep in mind that if you were the only one in the business, you would probably stagnate and you wouldn’t most definitely develop yourself. Also, you should try to analyze the most popular performers, notice how many hours they spend online on daily basis and try to keep pace with them! Also place a certain level of attention on their kind of marketing strategies and try to figure it out which one you can adopt and apply for your purpose or simply to earn more money. Even though you will adopt some of their practices, you should always remain original and do your job with commitment and passion. Moreover, try to focus on proactive social media strategies to increase your fan base and to show them how truly special you are, and without even knowing you can already have an ace under your sleeve. In addition, you should try to find your niche, on which you are absolutely sure that you can excel, and to identify what are your customers’ desires and expectations. Build an excellent reputation with your own way of being, focus on attracting customers interested in your style, and do your best to handle them.
To conclude, every time you decide to penetrate a new market, you shouldn’t see the competition as a big bad wolf that will hunt you down immediately, but more like to see it as the most active motivating factor required to fulfill all of your dreams!