I bet you do not know what’s there to celebrate on February 20th. You have no idea, are you? It’s Handcuffs Day and I’m 100% positive that at least half of the adults think of sex and not the police, when they hear the word “handcuffs”.
I know Valentine’s Day has passed, but still, would you enjoy a gift like this or would you rather offer such a gift? Anyway, I’ll write a list for you right here to choose the ones you think best suits the situation. Since we’re talking about handcuffs, we want ones that help us feel good, not a pair that will hurt us, so we’re going to avoid the classical type.
1. Who said that handcuffs can’t be a work of art? Well, they should be especially if we think about the wrists of the wearer. So, the first option is a pair of extremely comfortable handcuffs from a mixture of leather, silk and taffeta. You can find them on Amazon at 19$ a pair and you have to search for “Ellis Women’s Sexy Leather Handcuffs”.
2. If you want to try something unconventional, you can test the silky smooth cotton rope. A multifunctional accessory that you can use as handcuffs and in many other ways. Use your imagination! It comes in a set of three: red, purple and black, with a length of 10 meter each. You can find it on Amazon at 15$ per set if you search “Bontime All Purpose Soft Cotton Rope”.
3. You can also try the “Pleasure Tape” offered by Adameve.com, for only $ 10. It’s a tape that holds to itself just fine. “It can be easily be removed, even from hair”, the description says. “Measures 2 inches wide by 35 feet long. Cut it down to your desired length with scissors”
4. The last but not least is for professionals. We’re now talking about a full kit with handcuffs and ankle cuffs. “Fetish Restraint Kit” is sold on Amazon for 17$ and can be easily installed under the bed. The handcuffs and the ankle cuffs along with the straps that go under the bed, are all from soft textiles. Keep your lover tied up and waiting as the desire grows!