One of the most appreciated and awaited holiday from the calendar is getting close! In case, you ran out of ideas how to dress for Halloween, we would like to give you a help by proposing some outfits that will get everyone involved in the story.
If you like to watch horror movies for sure you have to pay attention to the IT movie. The main character is revolving around of a shape-shifting demon appearing as a clown (Pennywise). This movie received plenty of positive reviews from the audience, that`s why we believe this costume will bring you the spooky aura necessary for a successful Halloween.
The movie Wonder Woman made a lot of fuss this year in the box offices worldwide. If you want to emphasize how wonderful and amazing you are, you should consider adding this costume to your wardrobe.  Even though the movie starring Gal Gadot-as the Wonder Woman- was released only this year, DC Comics brought her on screens or comics a lot of time ago. Thus, if you like to dress up like some of the classical characters, go for Wonder Woman.
Everybody finds Minions some of the cutest cartoon characters ever made. These costumes will bring out the craziness, and the adorable and funny side of you. Other costumes designed for your inner geek inside can be related to different well-known cartoons such as Rick & Morty, Futurama or The Addams Family.
We strongly believe that there are too many people who never heard about Game of Thrones! This T.V. series is a rich source of inspiration for further thematic costumes. One of the options is the costume that replicates Daenerys Targaryen. She`s a select and glamorous princess, but she can turn into a very sexy, mischievous and lecherous woman too. From a male cam performer point of view, Jon Snow might be the best option to go, unless you want to release the inner wilderness like the Free Folks or the Dothraki.
Our list of suggestions continues with another super well known and loved Sci-Fi saga, Star Wars. This movie started a hysteria among people around the world, and it resisted over time, making new fans with every movie released. So if you wanna bring a bit of mystery and some intergalactic forces, the costume of Kylo Ren is what you are looking for. Make your fans feel like they are intergalactic stars. If Kylo Ren was a better option for male cam entertainers, Rey costume will bring the force to earn big time. If you somehow experience a little bit of nostalgia, you can always go for the classics like Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader or Luke, or maybe bring back the late 90’s trends with Anakin and Padme. Regardless of your choices, hear us and your fans saying “May the force be with you!”
One our favorite suggestions, especially if you are a redhead, is Jessica Rabbit. She’s the portrayal of the femme fatale. This character initially was presented as immoral, upcoming star, but the movie creators gave her the aura of sultry yet moral, cartoon singer.
You feel like you want to bend the conventional? You can add some craziness by picking a costume which is meant for males and dress it up. The same thing can be applied in men cases. Imagine how funny it would be to see a guy dressed like a ballerina or Cinderella or to see a girl dressed like Mario or Luigi from Super Mario.
Having already discovered so many different ideas about costumes and characters may make be quite tricky when it comes to making a decision. However, once you made up your mind, you should aim to act natural, to feel comfortable and most important to not forget to add your personal touch to that costume.
Besides these costumes suggestions, we strongly advise you to do some research on Halloween. It is important to know what is the meaning of this holiday, where does it originate from and which countries celebrate it.  Pay also attention to details regarding traditions and rituals. For example in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October, but in Mexico, people celebrate something alike called Dias de Los Muertos which takes place on 1st of November. The major difference between these two holidays is that Dias de Los Muertos honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations, whereas on Halloween the death is seen as something to be feared.
So if you are ready, trick or treat your fans!