She’s an amalgam. A perfect combination of different things. She’s hot and childish at the same time; she’s prosecco for a cozy night and the cinnamon tea on a winter morning. And she has a malleable mind. She came to deal with a big city life three years ago. 2017 was definitely her year because she won one of the most important awards at AW Awards ceremony. So, meet Khandi Rogers, the winner of „Social Media Star”.
Khandi, first of all, please let us know your story: who’s Khandi Rogers and how did she become a cam model?
Well, my story is not a failure-to-success type of story, but one of a simple girl who outgrew her condition. It’s a story about love, family and about sacrifices. My life-long dream was always to finish my studies, but unfortunately, my parents didn’t have enough money to pay for my college, so… that’s why I decided to go on my own and so I worked in a fast-food for three months. Of course, it was a low-paid job and still struggling to pay all the bills. I decided to become a camgirl and now I do make enough money to never return to a dead-end.
Khandi Rogers, in live action for the first time. How was it?
(laughing) I came in this domain without any experience, but with a huuuuge desire to learn and achieve. I was always wondering <Wtf? What if no one likes me?!>, and stuffs like this. My first day at studio was completely strange. I verified my room twice, my lights and change my clothes about 6 times before I went online. My first private was horrible and I can remember it like it was yesterday, lol. It was like a first kiss: unforgettable. It was a guy, named Mike and from the beginning of our conversation, he told me: <show me boobs, get naked, show ass>. And, fuuuck it, I was really having a complex with my boobs, so… It was so uncomfortable for me. It addition, I have never watched porn before I started to be a cam model.
Funny and awkward at the same time, I guess. Tell us about your first prize as a cam model…
award_khandi_rogersC’mooon, it wasn’t funny! I was crying all the day. About my first award, uhm… I really, really didn’t expect to win “Social Media Star”. I mean, I didn’t expect to win at all. Someone asked me if <I worked hard for this>, but to be honest with you, for me it didn’t work. I did it with all my love and I post every single day on my social media accounts. Charm Studios marketing team helped us to use social media in the perfect way, learn us and so on.
First of all, I want to say the biggest ”thank you!” to every single person who voted me, to those who showed up for events, to AW team and, of course, to CHARM GROUP, because without them I wouldn’t be there. Now, because of you all, guys, I became more confident in myself and, as the day went by, I started to see my work as a pleasure! I’ll never forget from where I started! A thousand kisses!!!