Nowadays, when customers are directly engaged with a business, it very important, perhaps more than ever before, to offer an authentic reason for gaining and retaining their trust.
Thanks to the unlimited extent of the internet and of its various ways of communications available, people have a lot of options to connect each other or even to keep in touch with updates from some companies. It`s absolutely necessary for your business to find innovative ways to differentiate from your competitors and to leave a good lasting impression.
Having a natural distinctive personality represents an enormous advantage to assure your success; when you’re revealing your personality to your customers, you`re giving them something to connect with. If you consider to stay anonymous or silent, these guys won’t exactly know how you really are, and implicitly they won’t have a proper image about yourself. You have to stand apart from other models and give that dose of uniqueness by using a very easy trick: show on camera the real you!
It`s very important to create a connection with your fans, to reveal them your true personality and the natural side of you. The same thing you have to do when you are not in front of your camera, you should keep in touch with them, showing who you are, what passions and aspirations you have; present them reasons that make you smile, activities that you enjoy when you’re not online, prove them that you’re more than an online host, that you are person who might have some many things in common with them.
You should keep in mind that most of your customers have a strong desire to always stay in touch with you, they want to witness some of your experiences and therefore you should definitely consider sharing some of them though various channels. While some of your fans prefer to read  your statuses or tweets others might like to listen to your favorite tunes or to watch a video from you, and luckily social media is a tool that you can use just to have a stronger connection with your fans..
Most of the times, when you perform you express a tendency of giving life to a different character, a persona, which sometimes can be just a little bit of an amplified version of who you really are. That means you had the courage to expose your weaknesses and the core of what you are made of.  It also means choosing aspects of your personality that people can relate to an empathetic and emotional level which basically creates the connection between you and the people who are interested in you.
Researchers argue that you have to learn and accept your follower’s vulnerabilities, reassure them that you are still capable and laudable, and to be willing to accept your own way of being and keep your sense of ability if you want to increase a constructive connection. It can be so easily build a strong relationship with your fans, based only on finding funny life aspects, such a revealing a bit of your creativity, craziness or the positive energy you send by being yourself.
In spite of your massive efforts focused on playing a persona, the inner you can come outside, intensely reflecting aspects of your personality. Nobody is flawless, and as consequence, your client is coming back again to you because people are certainly not looking for the ultimate divine perfection. People are coming because they like your true self, they are coming for a genuine interaction. The antagonistic word of perfectionism is a vulnerability, and this is the source of joy.
When you share with others on different ways how you really are, the barriers and boundaries between you and them simply disappear or are very easily overcome especially when they realize that you are some much alike with them, you have some many things in common; it will make them so willing to bond with you from the very first meeting.
Being authentic doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to disclose your entire life history/experiences, from the first moment when he starts a private with you, on contrary your interest should be focused on exchanging information reciprocally to reach a desirable and profitable connection.  Welcome every opportunity for talking and sharing content that express who you are, rather than saying things you think others would like to hear, since relationships, after all, represent the starting point of the community and civilization and the essence itself of being human.