Even though currently Amazon wish list, is one of most indispensable tools for many performers, it can turn out to be a very sneaky way for members to find exclusive non-disclosable details about you.
Normally your amazon wish list should enable your fans to buy you presents without revealing any details about your private life. But surprise! It`s  not always the case and thus we can recommend you a different approach. If you really want to be spoiled by your fans, we suggest you to set up your mail box as far as possible from your real address, since  a crucial part of being a cam model requires taking steps to protect your privacy, and by no means it will ever imply disclosing your own address. Instead of using a home delivery, you can choose to receive your gifts at a certain post office or a P.O. box within it, from either your hometown or a nearby city. These types of options are located everywhere around a city, it’s true that it might be in your hometown but still the members cannot find out where exactly your front door is.
Amazon has a delivery confirmation option which provides customers with information about the gift’s delivery, which can be quite a disadvantage for you, thus is imperative to understand that nothing is perfect or 100% secure. However if you use those P.O. boxes and you choose to pick your package up during one of your days off, you can doubtlessly reduce the chances of meeting any of those guys.
Another aspect you should keep in mind in order to avoid any terrible situations is to research and/or analyze the people who are eager to buy you stuff. We all can agree that most of the people tend to become amazingly excited when they receive gifts, however you have to scoop deeper and to be able to always acknowledge that something fishy may happen.  For instance let’s assume that on your amazon list you have a laptop, and by surprise you observe that a random guy bought you that item without having received any further requests from him, that should definitely make you think about the situation right way.
For many years online services or industries have experimented different types of scammers and unfortunately virtual entertainment was not avoided at all. On the amazon wish list, there is a buy off option where the “scammers” can click on that button which sends  a confirmation email informing you that somebody purchased an item from your wish list. Once this action is performed, the item comes off the wish list and is added to the purchasing list, although it may not sound risky or fishy, some of these guys may actually intend to deceive you and to force you into revealing private or personal information.   
To shed more light upon the risks of receiving gifts from basically unknown people, we can relate a true scenario that a cam girl previously experienced, when one of her members bought an item using Amazon wish list. At the beginning she was so delighted about this opportunity and she was impatient about its delivery and even her fans showed a particular interest in finding out whether the package arrived. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t the case at that time, thus the purchaser contacted the original seller( a partner company that sells through Amazon) which confirmed that the order wasn’t correctly processed. In the rush of mitigating this issue very fast, the original seller accidentally or not, provided that guy with her real home address, which needless to say put an end to her safe location. Still this incident had a happy ending, as to her luck, that  fan wasn’t just a good member, but a very decent man as well, who properly understood her need for privacy and security, and consequently, he refrained himself for divulging such sensitive information.
Such experiences should make you imagine at least one scenario when a fan who is obsessed with you, pretends to buy a special gift though wish list. Instead of really buying that product, he decides to contact back the seller, claiming that the order wasn’t shipped yet and requests a delivery address confirmation; in such event you can find yourself in a situation of being stalked by a totally stranger, thus living one of your most darkest nightmares.
The best advice is to receive gifts in a smart way, or maybe, if the cam site you work with offers an internal wish list service, you better go for this option, since it can be so much better for your privacy.