Thank you for accepting the interview with us! Would you like to tell us more about your authority/ tasks at Camplace?
Hello! First of all I would like to thank you for the interview request, it’s my pleasure. Well, would be really nice to be able to define exact tasks, but I think anyone who works in the industry knows that’s not exactly how it works, because everyone does what they have to do in their team for the common goal. Mainly though I deal with all the models and studios, however that can mean quite a lot from a simple support chat to business decisions or project manager tasks. ☺
Camplace has a ton of features, performers can do freemium shows but they can also go for privates. What would be your advice for those who want to stay “premium” on how they can compete with free shows?
I don’t really think it’s about competition but more about different audience. From my experience I can say that most ‘premium’ girl’s audience won’t necessarily enjoy a freemium experience and most freemium users won’t necessarily enjoy a ‘premium’ show. The show is different, the interaction is different, the communication and as well as the tools a model might use for different audiences. So I really do not see this as a competition between the two ‘categories’.
Recently you have launched CamplaceLatinas. Can you explain us please why this site is different than a simple selection of Camplace’s existing Latina models? How is it made for their preferences?
Indeed we have and I am very proud of it ☺ There are two big differences to this site compared to the ‘simple’ selection of Camplace. One of them is, that we have targeted traffic for this certain nieche, which means that all people who land on the site, were actually looking to interact with a Latina girl which makes the conversion and interaction a lot more easier for the other girls. The other thing that is very important is that we can optimize the tools and toys to these specific needs both on model and user end as well. As an example, among Latina models Ohmibod is really popular, but I cannot really say this about the whole rest of the model world across.
Often it is stated that Colombian models and studios are increasing in production quality. In your opinion, what are the main catalysts of this process, and what are the challenges that are ahead South-American content providers?
Indeed! Colombian models and studios have grown a lot in the last years, especially since Anthony from AJ Studios in Colombia as opened the magical gate to the industry there with Lalexpo, which before was quite closed. From my experience ever since there is a dedicated show people there grow more and more every year as they can get and give feedback and this way are able to work together with the sites they are working with. The biggest challenge I still see in that area is the lack of English, but that is also improving year after year, so I am expecting amazing things to come ☺
Whether it is Latinas or Camplace in general, what new updates can we expect from your workshop in the near future?
We’d like to grow Camplace and Camplacelatinas as much as possible, also we are looking to work with more nieche content, but no more spoilers! You’ll just have to wait and see 😉