Even now, after the cam biz developed with such an incredible speed, deciding to become a cam performer proves to be a very tricky decision for most people. Usually, newbies are characterized by a series of inner questions like “what site should I choose?” or even “should I work alone at home or be part of a studio?”. In this article, we will exclusively focus on the latter question and we’ll identify the pros and cons of working from home or from a studio.
Camming as we knew it today, has its roots in the U.S and Western Europe, when it firstly arose, it was dominated by performers who were explicitly streaming from their place. One possible explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that rules and taxation policies from these areas were more severe compared to those from South America or Eastern Europe. Consequently, for many people involved in camming, it was more convenient to work form their homes instead of finding legal ways to create studios. Whereas, in perfect opposition, when camming started to become popular in Eastern Europe and South America, many entrepreneurs saw a huge opportunity in building studios which in return transformed these places into the cradle of cam biz as we know it.
At first glance, performing from home looks like a very easy job. It only requires one performant computer, a fast and large bandwidth Internet connection, a lovely decorated room, some good quality lighting conditions and a HD webcam. Usually, webcam performers who choose to stream from home are attracted by the idea of staying in their comfort zone. They believe that they are the only ones directly responsible for their schedule and they can make their own rules. Some performers might even think that it is an easy way to hide their activity from the curious eyes of specific unwilling people. Some of them can be tricked by the illusion that performing from home means not having third parties to split shares with, which might be actually true. However it really implies that one performer has to deal alone with several issues simultaneously, thus the prospect of earnings tremendously decreases.
In the same light of arguments working from home can really give you headaches because you are directly responsible for arranging the proper set up to of everything involved in the streaming process. It can be so expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have never worked in cam biz before, besides there is absolutely no guarantee that you made the right investment in logistics or tech equipment. Also, you may face plenty of requests that you have never heard before or face really uncanny situations or people, which will absolutely distract you and will negatively affect your performance.
One of the advantages of working in a professional studio is that you can prevent your family and friends from finding out what you are actually doing.  In addition, when you choose to work from a studio you don’t have to buy anything to get started, you only have to bring your clothes and/or accessories.  If you opt to work in a studio you should remember that you will enjoy professional photo sessions or professional set ups which won’t cost you a single dime. There will also be an entire team behind you that will help you improve yourself. They will counsel you to properly find your style. They will also provide you with social media insights that will help you improve and increase your fan base, ultimately earning more money. It is absolutely true that you have to split shares at the end of the month but with their help, you will most definitely earn more than working solo. Like Wall Street guys always say, it’s always better to get 50% out of 100$ than 90% out of 10$.
Respecting a strict schedule might be seen as a disadvantage of working in a cam studio, however, if you look at the bright side you’ll come to realize that it is actually a benefit for you. It will help you to manage your time more efficiently and it will enable you to take advantage of a considerable amount of free time while you can make impressive figures on daily basis.
Nowadays both of the aforementioned options are present almost worldwide, thus deciding which option to take should be a natural consequence of your own goals. If you like to be a totally independent performer then maybe working from home is the right call. However, if you really want to make a glorious career in camming and to have sky-reaching earnings, then you should consider going for a studio which will provide you with an entire army of professionals always eager to help you!