You decided to make the big step and to plunge into the glamorous life of a cam girl. It’s not all Pink hearts and red roses, but most of the time you get to have a lot of fun. The #girlsfromstudio20 shared their funniest experiences with us:
Selena Martinez:
“My funniest experience? Gosh… where should I start? A member from France wanted to teach me some French words. All this happened at the end of a long day, so my willing to learn a new language was zero to none but I said that every experience is a good experience. After a few failed attempts, he told me to turn around, spank myself (because I was such a bad girl) and yell “cou-cou-roo” with my best French accent. At first I thought he was kidding but he insisted so I did it laughing so hard shile yelling “cou-cou-roo” that I fell off the bed.”
Eva Devine:
“Ha Ha! I have funny experiences every day.  But I also have some great people that come to my private room. One of them is a college guy that just moved in by himself after staying with his mom. I have to teach him how to do laundry, cook and we had a session where I taught him how to fold the towels and his clothes. I showed him how to do that step by step, and congratulate him for his flawless results.”
“Oh my God! I absolutely have to tell you about this funny story! One time, in the band camp… no no, just kidding ha ha! One time during a private show a member told me that he is a big fan of Tom & Jerry. Yes, the cartoons. And he wanted to have a role play. So I had to act like Jerry and hide under the sheets or in the corners of the room, make the scratching noises and bump myself into things while he played the “boing” noise on this computer. It was the funniest private ever.” 
Alessia Rosse:
“One guy had an unusual fetish about belly buttons. He believed that one can communicate with the other one’s soul trough the belly button. So he made me tape my bellybutton and but the microphone in it so he could talk to my souls. I didn’t know if I had to talk back but when I tried he told me to shush because he couldn’t hear my soul speaking. Lucky I wasn’t hungry because the only thing that he could have heard then was my stomach growling LOL.”
Sophie Davis:
“I have a member that is a personal trainer. When we go to private chat he asks me to do all kind of physical training from push ups to running in place to jumping jacks. It’s quite exhausting but I take the best of it, he keeps me in good shape. He once told me to do a hand stand and I did… for 2 seconds before I hit the floor.”
Devious Angel:
“One guy asked me if I have a hair brush. I said yes, who doesn’t? I showed him the hair brush  and I was so curious to know what he wants me to do with it. He told me he loves United States and boobs. I said “Ok, good for you, I’m happy that you are a real patriot” . And he asked me to slap my boobs and sing the national anthem. I cried of laughter and of course I butchered his national anthem. Sorry USA.. LOL”