Here we are over a month after the AWSummit and frankly, life does seem emptier after it. In the last year and especially in the last months, work was extremely busy, putting all details of the event together. Hundreds of phone calls and emails, late night meetings were part of our daily lives. But now, even though work did not stop, we kind of miss these things, even if back then we waited free days as salvation. We receive a lot of thank you messages, congratulations, constructive feedback on how we could improve even further the event. We process photos and videos, remembering the best moments with a smile on our faces, and discussions started about next year. Word follows word and the contours of AWSummit 2017 slowly start to appear.
But let’s not run ahead, rather let us sum up this year in a few sentences.
It was a blast. We book it as great success, as we managed to have around 650 real participants in Mamaia, which all of a sudden took us among the biggest events worldwide, and in Romania we are surely number one.
We had the honor to have the largest cam companies there but also many others who debuted on camming events with us. Cam studios from the smallest to studio franchises had the chance to promote themselves and to meet the representatives of their favorite sites. But starting from this year we also had traffic companies, payment companies, IT and hosting providers among us, to be able to satisfy everyone’s interests. As we mentioned many times, camming is changing direction from the good old studio – camsite relation, and goes into more complex depths, where the classic clientele of companies is changing rapidly and we are ready to serve this need.13443264_524307047769460_581900202634295480_o
Seminars were held to update our participants about newest trends and to give them advice from experts in their respective fields. Our reformed schedule structure was made in a way that no matter which area you come from, studio or model, you could attend all of them if you wanted to, maximizing the information you can get.
All in all the whole event was vibrant and full of life, there was always something to do or attend, mix and mingle at the pool or the bar, visiting a company presentations, hanging out in the business lounge. We had activities such as Poker and Bowling Tournament, Watersports, Romanian dinner, Shooting range, and so on. We were very happy to see that busy, smiling people were roaming all around Hotel Iaki at every moment of the AWSummit. It made us feel that it really worth the effort and love we put in organizing the event for our friends and partners.

But the cherry on the top was of course the partying every single night. Three of the Mamaia strips’s most exclusive clubs were booked for the event, by three different companies in three different, distinctive themes. All of them were remarkable, everyone partied hard after the busy day of business.
We managed to set a new standard for ourselves for sure, this year we really felt the blast from the event. But of course this means even harder work for next year, as we feel obliged to deliver an even more amazing event. So back to the meeting room, back to gallons of coffee and brainstorming. Finally we would like to say thanks to everyone who attended this year, and we hope you will do so next year as well. As for those who could not make it, 2017 is not so far away and we tell you from the bottom of our hearts, that it is really an event that you should not miss.