“Cam Couples” feature focused on Peppermint and her husband, Dusty who have built a profitable side business on Chaturbate, streaming their shows to thousands of viewers. The couple often draws 3,000 or more viewers nightly on the popular free-cam site but deny they are “porn stars.”
“We see camming as a way to inspire others,” said Peppermint. “We are very lucky to have a relationship that includes a lot of passion . . . .There’s nothing I am ashamed of, we have a loving, passionate sex life and that is something to be proud of.”
Nightline reporter Kendis Gibson spent a typical day with the Chaturbate broadcasters, as they prepared meals, relaxed and geared up for their live show. Peppermint and Dusty shared insights on lessons they’ve learned during their camming career, along with tales of mishaps only those that cam for a living would ever encounter.
Gibson discovered that entry into the fastest growing segment of adult entertainment is surprisingly easy and economical. Peppermint and Dusty’s business requires a minimal amount of equipment, including a MacBook, a tripod, and Logitech 1080p camera . . . and an enormous container of coconut oil.
“Cam Couples” is available to view on YouTube, https://youtu.be/mOnb5tp8hoI or through the official channel, http://abc.go.com/shows/nightline/episode-guide/2017-05/.